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fic: April Fooling

Recipient: eliviralikespie
Author: absenthe_wrae
Artist: mamapranayama
Title: April Fooling
Summary: A whispered comment in the heat of the moment turns into a nasty surprise when Sam wakes up as a girl. Gabriel has a strange sense of humour.
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel
Rating: Teen
Warnings/Spoilers (if applicable): Glitter, genderswap, could use a beta but I've had a crazy week and ran out of time.
Wordcount: 2,932


Fic under cutCollapse )

Fic: Marked 1/1

I've been wondering something about where the Mark of Cain plot is going in Supernatural and so I ended up writing this. It's pretty dark and someone dies but it's only 500 words and speculative besides and... well... I can't say more, I just want to get this idea out before it gets Jossed.
If something like this actually happens this season then I demand to write for the show. I'm close enough to Vancouver to commute? I can copy edit? Fetch coffee? Bake pie? Cookies? Do your laundry? Pease?

*cough* I'm just going to leave this here.


40 Questions!

Stealing this from septembers_coda

Pick a number or numbers and I will answer. :)

0: Height
1: Virgin?
2: Shoe size
3: Do you smoke?
4: Do you drink?
5: Do you take drugs?
6: Have tattoos?
7: Want any tattoos?

8: Got any piercings?
9: Want any piercings?
10: Best friend?
11: Relationship status
12: Biggest turn ons
13: Biggest turn offs
14: Favorite movie
15: I’ll love you if
16: Someone you miss
17: Most traumatic experience
18: A fact about your personality
19: What I hate most about myself
20: What I love most about myself
21: What I want to be when I get older
22: My relationship with my sibling(s) (got no siblings)
23: My relationship with my parent(s)
24: My idea of a perfect date
25: My biggest pet peeves
26: A description of the girl/boy I like
27: A reason I’ve lied to a friend
28: What I hate the most about work/school
29: What your last text message says
30: What words upset me the most

31: What words make me feel the best about myself
32: What I find attractive in women
33: What I find attractive in men
34: Where I would like to live
35: One of my insecurities
36: My childhood career choice
37: My favorite ice cream flavor
38: Where I want to be right now
39: The last thing I ate
40: Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately

anyone out there?

Hey I was wondering if there was anyone on my friends-list who writes/reads Supernatural fanfiction and would be willing to chat as a fanfic sounding board? Not exactly a beta-reader, more to do with helping me with tricky plot stuff and bitching at me to get to work and generally chatting about it... or just fangirl spazzing at the new episodes. :D
You can add me on skype (fey.touched), AIM (fairy_laughing), or MSN (lycanthropic_lover@hotmail.com).


So I'm engaged in writing essays right now, that thankless task (almost as thankless as marking them) of banging out words into a keyboard that sound pretty good until you start editing the next day, but I thought I'd take a short break to share my new favourite band, Sea Wolf. You're a Wolf is probably their best known single, but I'm also a fan of Dew in the Grass, Spirit Horse and (even though it's apparently from the Twilight soundtrack) The Violet Hour. If you're into indie-folk music at all check them out... so good.

That geography essay I did yesterday was easy, why is this history one so hard? Maybe I'm just out of steam or something. Well, essay (though these are given as "assignments" probably because the word essay freaks out first-years) is related to the French essayer, to try, so I guess I'd better keep trying... or try again tomorrow. Also, what kind of length is 5-7 pages... seriously? Is that double or single spaced? I need a word count. I'm guessing the prof. means 5-7 pages at 12 point Times New Roman double spaced with the usual margins because that's what Academia likes, but I'd rather a word count so I know where I should be at.
/school rant


I'd ship that...

This isn't my usual kind of music (pretty pop), but gods this is catchy... and I think my LJ FList will appreciate it more than most:

"You're on the canon ground,
I'm up in crack ship space.
Let's start a shipping war,
Don't care if I get hate."

A new meaning for 'ship' will have to be added to the OED in 2014 I'm sure.

And BINGO was his name-o!

I went and got myself a hurt/comfort bingo card again, here it is:
My hc_bingo cardCollapse )

I am surrounded by drama llamas!

Dear family:
Please STOP with the drama. I don't even want to talk about it anymore (though I'm sure I will later). Also, I have a small mountain of homework, so I am now going to lock myself in my room and turn off my phone.
Thank you.

Review: American Mary

This film may be hard to find so I won't worry about cutting it to hide spoilers, you probably haven't heard of it yet and I won't reveal the end.

American Mary is a Vancouver indie horror film (cleverly disguised as set in Seatle - you ain't foolin' me!) featuring Katharine Isabelle (rawr!) of Ginger Snaps as a med-school student studying to become a surgeon. She is harassed by student loans and an annoying, and leacherous prof. In an attempt to pay the bills she's at a nightclub interviewing for a stripper position when another opportunity comes up - surgery on some random guy when torture went a little too far. For legal reasons they don't want to take him to the hospital so she does it, and makes a cool $5,000 doing it. She starts getting phone calls for extreme body modification surgeries based mainly out of the nightclub.
Soon after that the leacherous prof wrongs her terribly, she drops med school, and then she takes revenge (though you don't see it right away). Things just get bloodier from there - they start to call her Bloody Mary in the extreme body mod community. (I had a D&D character called that at one point, she also liked to run around wearing little more than an apron, however that was a kitchen apron rather than a surgeon's and weilding a meat cleaver on goblins rather than the delicate surgeries that this Mary was performing.)
Naturally this is NOT a family-friendly kind of film. In fact, I wouldn't recommend it for adults who are squeamish about watching close-ups of surgeries. I didn't flinch while my two male friends were squirming in their seats.. hahah. I used to want to become a veternarian though, so that kind of thing doesn't really bother me. Why some people would WANT to undergo some of those surgeries is beyond me, but each to their own I guess... Mary realized it could pay the bills, not to mention exact revenge or intimidate her enemies. Staying in school and getting a license to do boob-jobs would have worked as well, but that wouldn't have been nearly as good of a story.
I enjoyed it much more than run-of-the-mill slashers. The characters had motives and the title character was especially strong and relatable. Visually very cool despite the limited budget. A blood bath? Yes, but good one. 4/5 bloody stars for this one, and I have a hankering to rewatch all three Ginger Snaps now.

POEM to open